A. Travis’ Finances

For someone who was supposedly so successful, one has to wonder why he was borrowing money from the various women in his life. Besides borrowing from Jodi, he had apparently also successfully hit up Deanna Reid for a loan. Here is a text messaging exchange during the first half of 2008 in which Deanna is attempting to get some of her money back from “Mr. Tycoon”.

Deanna: [9:55 PM] Hey hon! i need 300 bucks asap… let me know if that possible. thanks!
Travis: [10:19 PM] Not my problem
Deanna: [10:20 PM] Give me my f’ing money
Travis: [10:23 PM] Dang. When do you need it by?

JAN 12
Deanna: [4:25 PM] I need 500 asap
Travis: [5:35 PM] What is asap?
Deanna: [8:05 PM] End of the month?

Deanna: [2:39 PM] Anyway you could deposit ¤100TODAY?

Travis: [12:01 AM] Txt me your account number
Deanna: [12:17 AM] – She gives her account # – there ya go! Thank you!!

FEB 21
Deanna: [9:45 PM] Do you think you could payback the full amount by april?

FEB 22
Deanna: [4:22 PM] I don’ want to stress you out… But i need 300 bucks asap!
Deanna: [5:31 PM] Thanks… I have to pay to fix the brakes on my car. And my car payment was due 2 weeks ago. I might be able to pull it all off w/ 200. But that would be cutting it super close. Let me know if you are able to get it in today. Thanks hon.

Travis: [7:27 PM] Here is the deal. My checking account is 900 dollars over drawn. I do not have one dollar in my wallet, not one. My account is frozen it has been in the negative so long. I have a little less than half a tank of gas and still have to figure out out how to get to okc. I don’t know what I am going to do. I simply have no resources to drive there.
Deanna: [9:59 PM] I’m sorry travi… I don’t mean to give you a hard time. I just like seein’ ya every once in a while. If i could help i would. You’ll figure it out…You always do.

MAR 21
Travis: [6:00 PM] Okay, do you know what I owe you?
Travis: [6:10 PM] three
Travis: [6:14 PM] Alright ill deposit 100 today text me your account.

MAR 28
Travis: [12:28 AM] I need your account number.

Deanna: [6:00 PM] I need some $ deposited this weekend if possible.
Deanna: [8:30 PM] wow
Travis: [8:30 PM] How much do you need?
Deanna: [8:32 PM] 200 … If you can’t just let me know
Travis: [8:32 PM] Text me your account number
Deanna: [8:34 PM] – She gives him her account # again –
Travis: [8:48 PM] I deposited 210 which mean I owe you 500.
Deanna: [8:49 PM] You are wonderful
Travis: [8:50 PM] I know

APR 17
Deanna: [12:41 AM] Where’s my money hoe?!
Travis: [3:44 PM] What’s your account number?
Deanna: [4:20:03 PM] – She gives him her account # yet again –

Deanna: [6:31 AM] Oooohh… Fancy new website. So exciting. I’ll check it out tomorrow.
Travis: [6:32 AM] I’m a tycoon. Its how I roll.
Deanna: [6:35 AM] Then how ’bout my $500 mr tycoon. Girlz gotz billz.
Travis: [6:36 AM] Hmmm no deal.
Deanna: [6:38 AM] Well then watch your back biatch
Travis: [6:39 AM] Haha ill get you some tomorrow.

Travis: [12:12 AM] Accont number?
Deanna: [12:13 AM] – She gives him her account # one more time –
Travis: [12:23 AM] Yu have 2 grand in your account you gouger.
Deanna: [12:33 AM] I must have just got my tax return! Wooo hooo…i’m gonna pay off my car tomorrow! Thanks travi luff you!
Deanna: [12:35 AM] PS…What’s a gouger? 🙂
Travis: [12:39 AM] Just a ruthless doer of business, by the way I only put in 200.
Deanna: [12:40 AM] You gouger!
Travis: [12:40 AM] Racist whore!!!!!
Deanna: [12:43 AM] Commie bastard!!!
Travis: [12:43 AM] Self centered slut!!!!!
Deanna: [12:47 AM] I beg your pardon… My slutiness is never self-centered.
Travis: [12:48 AM] Touche.
Deanna: [12:50 AM] Yea… Now go piss on a cat!

Deanna: [2:29 AM] I really need that 300 bucks! When can i get some of that? 🙂

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