* Symptoms of BPD and PTSD overlap. It’s not either/or.
* PTSD can cause BPD.
* PTSD is often misdiagnosed as BPD (especially by newly-practicing psychologists).
* Three times more women than men are diagnosed with BPD. Some of the diagnostic criteria of BPD uphold stereotypes about women.

Here are factors that can increase the likelihood of a traumatic event leading to PTSD:
* The intensity of the trauma
* Being hurt or losing a loved one
* Being physically close to the traumatic event
* Feeling you were not in control
* Having a lack of support after the event

Why is it so easy for people to understand how someone such as a police officer, who is trained to kill if necessary, who kills a stranger, even possibly a suspected criminal, can end up with PTSD, but find it so difficult to understand how someone, not trained to kill, who ends up killing someone she loves, might also suffer from PTSD?

Reasonable Doubt

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