F. Text Message Abuse

The following text messaging between Jodi and Travis occurred one month after Jodi had departed Mesa, returning to Yreka in an attempt to move on with her life, and during a period when Travis was himself busy “sex-ting” numerous women (sometimes several at the same time).

On the night of 9 May 2008 Jodi is composing a text message intended for a friend named Steve Carroll with whom she has been discussing business, explaining to Steve that it would be best if they communicate through a different means than through her Google account. But after hitting “Send” Jodi immediately realizes that the message is headed for Travis and she frantically tries to delete it. The second half of the divided message is deleted but the first part is delivered to Travis: “Hey there some one has my google password because he’s helping me w/some things on my google blog. Unfortunately, he happens to be an ex boyfriend!”

A phone call immediately ensues in which Travis wants the message explained, angry that Jodi is talking to another man and then intending to hide it from him. He insists on seeing the second half of the message (which, of course, she no longer has). Phone call ends and texting continues:

Travis: You and [your] steve cover up make me freaking sick. You are liar to the core of who you are it seems.

Jodi: I was just trying to move my business to a more private venue. You brought it up. The fact that I’m a single girl talking to some guy is not sick. Being completely honest about him w/you was a mistake. I spared you only a few details because every time I begin to divulge anything like that you stop me and tell me you don’t want to hear about that stuff. So I was vague on purpose for that reason exactly. But nothing I said about him was untrue.

Travis: Why don’t you have him come and fuck you in the woods. I can only imagine you are so worried about me reading. You are paranoid because you have no respect for people privacy and you dare insult me of all people. Someone you have [showed] through your actions you hate more than love by denying me a human right of privacy countless times. You have a lot of freaking nerve. We are all not like you in that aspect.

And why wouldn’t she be worried with that kind of abusive reaction? And she did poke into his business when she suspected he was cheating on her. Which he was!!! That’s why they were no longer a viable couple.

Jodi: Please don’t give me any more grief about Steve or anyone else. I still love you bunches and I’m doing what I think will help me move on. I haven’t asked you about any girls in your life recently. Let’s just adopt a dont ask dont tell policy when it comes to that stuff and we’ll both be better off. Dont you agree?

Jodi is trying to deescalate the situation but Travis insists on upping it further with sarcasm:

Travis: How about we take it one step further and forget each other exist.

Jodi drops the conversation but an hour or so later she is texting her sister Angela about a surprise for their brother Joey. But Jodi is so accustomed to punching the numbers to text Travis that it is almost automatic and she accidentally misdirects yet another message to Travis:

Jodi: Oh and not that u would, but dont tell him!!!

Thirty minutes later:

Travis: Do you want to explain what the hell that means and who that was supposed to [go] to?

Two minutes later:

Travis: You’ve had 30 minutes to come up with a lie, lets here it.

Jodi: Angela. It’s about a surprise for Joey regarding Cooperstown. The surprise is we might stay the night in the museum but I didnt want her to spoil it. I JUST GOT THAT TEXT FROM YOU!!! I didnt even realize it went to u til u brought it up just now.

Travis: I freaking bet. I wonder what crap you send out that I don’t get. I bet the second half of that email was a doozy. You are a real piece of work, by the way thanks for keeping your end of the contract you made by paying me for the car you destroyed. You are more and more like your mom everyday. Going to cooperstown while you owe me thousands. What integrity.

Jodi: please stop. I havent purchased anything yet. Im not even sure if I’m going which is why I didnt want Angela to get Joey’s hopes up too soon. We will go eventually, but I’ve been discussing it w/my parents and they may fund a good portion of it cause its for his bday. I havent forgotten about my obligation to you and I’ve been consistently checking back on all of my applications.

Then comes the threat:

Travis: Please stop? I havnt even begun. You are going to start to be held accountable for your shiz. You have pissed me off in a way you never should have and until now I have given you a lot of mercy. But you have pissed that a way and times are fixing to get tough for you.

Travis still wants to see the second half of the message. After two hours, when Jodi has not yet responded:

Travis: What is taking so long?

Travis: Ho[w] am I able to type you multiple text and you bare not able to resend one.

Travis: You are changing it because you are a liar.

Jodi recreates the full message as best she can remember (and probably as much as he needs to know, considering his behavior) and sends it to Travis: Hey there some one has my google password because he’s helping me w/some things on my google blog. Unfortunately, he happens to be an ex boyfriend! Jodiarias!hotmail.com for now if u want. Thanks!

Jodi: I know why that one is private now! I forgot about a new album I’ creating its not done yet. I’ll tell u later if u ever want to know but I’m tired of texting. Good night.

Travis: I’m not going to be having a good night Jodi. If you are going to insult me make sure you learn how to do it. Sometimes ignorance is bliss I guess. You speak so often of how I have hurt you. Just because you read about it in your journal more or talk about it more doesn’t mean you’ve been hurt more.

But why would Travis be angry (and supposedly hurt) that Jodi is talking to another man when they are no longer a couple. And why is he continuing to insist that he see the entire message? Why should that be his business? Could it be because he feels he may be losing control?

But Jodi, once again, is the first to apologize and shoulder the majority of responsibility…

Jodi: I know. I am very sorry for all of the pain we’e caused each other. Most of it is my fault because of the decisions I’ve made. I’m sorry you’ve suffered as a result of it. I never meant to hurt you in any way. Hurting you makes me feel more subhuman than I ever thought possible. I love you and I’m sorry.

Travis: I’m sorry too, I love you.

And this is a perfect example of how Travis expressed his love for Jodi.

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