Jodi the Great Liar

Big Lie 1:I wasn’t there.

Big Lie 2:Two other people did it.

Reasonable explanation: She was fearful and ashamed about what had happened and would rather die than reveal all the sordid details about the relationship (sexual and otherwise), not just for her own sake but for Travis’ as well. At one point she was even willing to plead guilty to second-degree murder and quietly go away. But the State of Arizona preferred to spend three million plus dollars on trial and then let the media blame Jodi for the costs.

State’s explanation: Because she didn’t fess up, she must be a pathological liar so don’t believe anything she says, even under oath, and even if it makes more sense than our story.

Jodi was on the stand, under oath, for 18 days and she never deviated.

* Hard to do if you’re lying, even under normal circumstances, much less with a bully screaming at you.

State: “That’s because she’s such a great liar.”
* “I wasn’t there” is a great lie?
* “Two other people did it” is a great lie?

If her sworn self-defense testimony is a lie, why would she tell a lie all the way up to a certain point and then say she can’t remember the rest? What kind of a lying defense is that? Anyone who has half a brain would know that isn’t going to cut it. She had four-plus years to come up with a reasonable scenario. Why not just continue on with the so-called lie? “He continued to attack me and, out of sheer terror, I went nuts and began flailing with the knife in an attempt to get him off. He was on top of me and I was stabbing at his back trying to get him off. And in the chaos, with the knife flailing every which way, his throat got cut.” Instead this supposed “great liar” says she has no memory of what happened during the most critical point of the story. Why would anyone (much less a “great liar”) say that if it isn’t true?

Reasonable Doubt

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