Jodi the Pathological Liar

* Pathological Liar: One who tells lies for no apparent reason.

* Jodi had enormous reasons to lie: shame, fear of prison and possible death, embarrassment, not wanting to expose intimate details about their relationship. Those who claim she’s a pathological liar because of these lies have most certainly lied about matters involving much less dire consequences than these. Hypocrisy at its very finest.

* Many people lie when confronted by the police. Does that make them all pathological liars? Should we maybe just bypass trials and declare them guilty if people initially deny culpability? After all, apparently their whole defense should not be believed, even any testimony given under sworn oath to tell nothing but the truth.

* So one might ask, why did she lie for two years? But those who are able to put themselves in her shoes understand completely. Think about it. How would you like your whole life (intimate and otherwise), put under a microscope, and then paraded out before the eyes of the world? (If you are one whose life is so holy that you’d have no difficulty facing that, then you should no doubt be canonized.) She also couldn’t remember the full sequence of events that triggered her to do such a horrendous thing and was ashamed that she had gone that far, no matter what the circumstances. She ultimately was willing to plead to second-degree murder and silently go away to receive her punishment but the State would have none of it. They wanted to see her die.

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