Jodi the Stalker

* Travis was the one telling his friends that Jodi was stalking him. Travis was also telling these same friends that he was a virgin. (How about “Travis the Liar”?)

* According to Jodi’s sworn testimony, Travis also told her that his ex-girlfriend Deanna was “crazy” and “clingy”, unable to accept that they were no longer together. This was another of Travis’ lies, a known tactic by players who are juggling several women at the same time and who need an excuse if any one of them should suddenly appear. It also acts as a way to portray himself as so incredibly desirable that women just can’t stand not being with him.

* In an email exchange with a woman named Regan,Travis complained of having a stalker. This is just three days after engaging in phone sex with Jodi. (There seems to be a pattern here.)

* Travis did not block Jodi, try to avoid contact with her or seek a restraining order.

* Travis continued calling, emailing and “sexting” his “stalker”, even after she moved 1000 miles away to get on with her life.

* Travis was planning to visit his “stalker” in California after his Cancun trip.

* Travis continued sleeping with and having sexual intercourse with his “stalker”.

Reasonable Doubt

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