All of the following comes from uncontested witness testimony:

In September of 2006, 29 year old Travis Alexander and 26 year old Jodi Arias met at a Prepaid Legal (PPL) convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Travis saw Jodi walking with friends down a hallway, pursued her and introduced himself. He invited her to join him at a dinner function for PPL executives. She accepted and, after borrowing a dress from one of Travis’s friends, accompanied him to the function. Enjoying each other’s company they exchanged contact information.

Over their next few meetings in Riverside County, California, Travis introduced Jodi to the Mormon religion. On November 26th, 2006, Travis baptized Jodi into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They began openly dating in February 2007 but broke up by that summer. Shortly thereafter, however, with encouragement and financial assistance from Travis, Jodi moved from California to Mesa, Arizona where Travis resided, and they continued their relationship clandestinely. In April 2008, Jodi moved back to her home town of Yreka, California, near the California/Oregon border, and moved in with her grandparents.

On or about May 28th, 2008, Jodi’s grandparents’ home was burglarized. Among a number of items taken was a .25-caliber gun fully loaded with hollow point bullets, a DVD player and some cash. The thief or thieves were never found and none of the stolen property was ever recovered.

On Monday, June 2nd, 2008 Jodi set out from Yreka on a planned road trip to visit various friends and on to visit Ryan Burns, an acquaintance and possible love interest. She first drove to the city of Redding, approximately 90 miles south of Yreka, where she left her Infiniti at her brother’s residence and, after turning down an offer of a red car, she rented a white 2008 Ford Focus at the Redding airport. She then traveled south to Monterey where she visited two ex-boyfriends, Matt McCartney and Darryl Brewer. From Darryl she borrowed two gas cans and then on Tuesday, June 3rd, she traveled from Monterey to Salinas, purchased an additional gas can at Walmart and then traveled on to Pasadena. That night she called Ryan Burns, who lives near Salt Lake City, and told him she was on her way. But she did not drive to Salt Lake City. Instead, after talking to Travis, she turned her cell phone off and drove to Travis’s house in Mesa, arriving in the early morning hours of Wednesday, June 4th. And what transpired during the rest of that day is the question that lies at the very center of this case. Jodi left Travis’s house sometime that evening and drove to Salt Lake City by way of Hoover Dam, arriving at Ryan’s sometime on Thursday, June 5th. She returned the rental car to Redding on Saturday, June 7th.

On Monday, June 9th, Travis’s body was discovered in his shower by friends. He had been shot in the temple with a .25-caliber gun and he had multiple knife wounds. When Jodi was questioned she denied being there, even though there was much evidence to the contrary. Later she admitted being there but said that two strangers had entered the home and attacked them both. Some two years later, she finally admitted that she did kill him but that it was in self-defense after he attacked her and threatened to kill her.

On January 2nd, 2013, after more than four years incarcerated, Jodi went on trial for premeditated murder. Four months later she was convicted of first degree murder but the jury deadlocked on whether to sentence her to death or give her life. On September 29th, 2014 she returned to court so that a new jury could determine her sentence. That jury was also unable to agree on a sentence so on April 13, 2015, Judge Sherry Stephens sentenced Jodi to life in prison with no possibility of parole.

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