Travis’ Documented Family History

During his childhood, growing up with meth-addled parents:
* Beaten by his mother if he awakened her while she was coming down from a meth high.
* Witnessed his mother empty a gun into his father’s car.
* Witnessed his father take an ax to his mother’s possessions.
* Witnessed his father kick down a door (while Travis was on the other side).
* Witnessed police being called but nothing being done.

This is where Travis would have learned not only lessons on how to handle his own anger but that domestic violence carries no serious consequences.Source:
According to public records, four of Travis’ seven siblings, who were subjected to a similar environment during their formative years, are convicted felons for such things as:
* Violation of order to avoid domestic violence
* Battery
* Burglary
* Shoplifting
* Grand theft
* False personation
* Import, possession, sale and use of controlled substances
* Meth manufacturing

And in one of these cases, as a condition of sentencing, the offender was required to attend a six-month anger management program.

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But let it also be said that four siblings do not have rap sheets, Travis being one. We can expect that Travis was trying to rise above his childhood traumas but that doesn’t mean he might not be especially prone to some rather unpleasant behaviors behind closed doors. And there is nothing in Jodi’s background even close to this so why are people so insistent (apparently beyond all reasonable doubt, no less) that Travis would never have been violent but then have no trouble believing that Jodi would??? Why, because she won the fight???

Reasonable Doubt

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