B. Alexander Family Arrest Records

The following information comes directly from the Riverside County Superior Court ataccess.riverside.courts.ca.gov/OpenAccess

Dennis Gregory (Greg) Alexander

Aug 1997: Case RIM358199
* Violated court order to avoid domestic violence (convicted)

Nov 1998: Case RIF082489
* Possession of drug manufacturing chemicals (convicted after plea deal)
* Drug manufacturing (dismissed)
* Possession of controlled substance (dismissed)
* Under the influence of controlled substance (dismissed)
* Possession of controlled substance paraphernalia (dismissed)

2002: In this conviction for shoplifting and battery, Dennis presented himself to police as his brother Travis. This record has apparently been expunged from Riverside County database.

Gary David Alexander Jr.
Jan 1999: Case RIF085678
* Grand theft (convicted after plea deal)
* Robbery – 2 counts (dismissed)
* Assault with a deadly weapon (dismissed)

May 1999: Case RIF086233
* Meth manufacturing (convicted after plea deal)
* Criminal conspiracy (dismissed)
* Grand theft auto (dismissed)
* Receiving stolen property (dismissed)
* Under the influence of a controlled substance (dismissed)

Tanisha Joy AlexanderAliases: Renee Weasea Tilghman, Hillary Jean Alexander, Danisha Alexander
May 2004 Case BAF003522
* Burglary (convicted after plea deal)
* Possession of stolen property (dismissed)

Jan 2005: Case SWF011418
* Burglary (convicted after plea deal)
* Grand theft exceeding $400 (dismissed)

May 2005: Case RIF123476
* Falsely personate another causing liability for lawsuit (convicted after plea deal)
* Shoplifting – 2 counts (dismissed)
* Possession of controlled substance (dismissed)
* False ID to peace officer (dismissed)

Dec 2009: Case RIM10001181
* Battery (convicted) Note: As part of her probationary terms, Tanisha was required to attend a six-month anger management program.

Allie Iris Tilghman
Sep 2009: Case SWM089221
* Shoplifting at Ralph’s Supermarket in Murrietta (convicted)

Oct 2009: Case SWM089713
* Burglary (convicted)
* Shoplifting at WalMart in Lake Elsinore (convicted)

June 2010: Case RIM10008496
* Burglary (convicted)
* Shoplifting (convicted)

Feb 2011: Case INF1301249 Bench warrant issued 6 Dec 2013
* Burglary (active)
* Shoplifting (active)

Jun 2013: Case INF1301822 Bench warrant issued 9 July 2013
* Possession of controlled substance (active)
* Import, sale, distribution of controlled substance (active)
* Unlawful possession of an opium pipe or paraphernalia (active)
* Under the influence of controlled substance (active)

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