E. HLN Pre-Trial Verdict

January 2, 2013 – Trial Day 1

Nancy Grace
Before we’ve even heard one word of evidence, Nancy Grace has on as her guest, Bethany Marshall, psychoanalyst, who gives us her “professional” opinion:

Oh, you know, the defense is just trying to blame the victim, paint him in a bad light, make him out to be almost like some sexual pervert or someone who is betraying his faith. But the fact is, Nancy, she used sex to have power over him. I`m sure what happened, as any young man will do, he started dating other women, living a free life. She got stuck in rejection, seduced him continually in an attempt to have power over him and to reassure herself that she was desirable to him. And the day or the night of the murder, just like “Basic Instinct,” she had sex with him to put him into a powerless state, and then she went in for the kill.


Drew Pinsky
Not to be outdone, Dr. Drew follows up that same night with his own expert, Janine Driver, president of the Body Language Institute. Here’s her take on a woman who is to be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Listen, Dr. Drew, first impressions matter. When there`s a complicated situation like murder where someone is stabbed over and over and over and cut from the jaw — one ear across the jaw to the other ear, first impressions matter. When we are trying to make sense of something, whether you`re coming in for a job interview or in this case with murder, as soon as we look at her, we are deciding based on sometimes the non-verbals, sometimes her gestures and her mannerisms on — is this a woman who could commit murder? Is this a woman who`s a liar and do we have a potential guilty person here? And I think the answer`s going to be yes. We see a lot of crocodile tears and a lot of body language tells that say this woman is not only capable of murder, but she`s a phony.


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