Jodi’s Sworn Testimony

Please read this with an open mind, remembering that, until her testimony (given under oath) is proven to be impossible beyond a reasonable doubt, we are required by law (and decency) to give her the benefit of the doubt. And the fact that she lied to the police is not proof that she lied on the witness stand where she swore to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. And isn’t it at least reasonably possible that in the 4+ years incarcerated she realized that the only way she was going to save her own life was to reveal all the sordid details about her relationship with this man that she loved, all the things she had kept hidden for so long?

Here is what she testified to under oath about the events immediately leading up to the killing:

  • She had been planning for a while a road trip into Southern California to visit ex-boyfriends and friends, do some photography, and then travel over to Utah to visit a new romantic possibility named Ryan Burns.
  • She decided to rent a car for the trip because her rather unreliable Infiniti G35 was a “gas hog” and she “wanted to rent a more fuel-economic car.”
  • She decided to rent the car at the Redding airport, 90 miles south of Yreka, because (1) it was cheaper than in small town Yreka, and (2) she had family in Redding where she could leave her Infiniti.
  • On Monday morning, June 2nd, she had her brother’s friend drive her to the Redding airport to pick up the car.
  • She preferred not having a red car because she had “always been told not to rent red cars” because they’re more likely to get pulled over and ticketed.
  • She drove to Monterey where she visited with ex-boyfriend Matt and then later that day with ex-boyfriend Darryl from whom she borrowed two gas cans since she would be traveling in the Nevada and Utah desert in the scorching hot summer. Carrying extra gas cans is something she and Darryl often did (confirmed by Darryl).
  • On Tuesday morning, June 3rd she drove from Monterey to Salinas where she bought a third gas can at Walmart, had her nails done and then decided she didn’t need the third can after all and returned it to Walmart.
  • She then drove to Pasadena on her way to San Diego but, due to time constraints, decided to bypass San Diego and head straight up to Ryan’s.
  • In Pasadena she purchased a Starbucks drink and as she was exiting Starbucks she saw several teenagers laughing as they skateboarded away from her car. She noticed a license plate on the ground and not knowing if it belonged to the rental car she tossed it into the car.
  • Then sometime between 8pm and 9pm she called Ryan and told him she was on her way up to Salt Lake City (confirmed by Ryan).
  • She then spoke to Travis who “guilted” her into coming to visit him first.
  • She turned her phone off because she was unable to find the charger and, thinking she had left it in Monterey, she wanted to save the power in case of emergency.
  • She arrived at Travis’s house around 4:00 am (June 4th). Travis was waiting up for her.
  • They went to bed and slept.
  • The next morning they had sex (which included the cutting of a rope – details not important except to understand a knife being upstairs), took photos of one another and then went downstairs to Travis’s office.
  • She had with her a CD with photos of their previous travels together.
  • While Jodi was stooping down near the floor, petting Travis’s dog, Travis tried to view the pictures on his computer but something was corrupted.
  • Travis became angry and threw the disk against the wall where it ricocheted onto the desk and rolled off, landing on Jodi’s head.
  • Although not hurt, Jodi went into hyper-vigilant mode and stood up, thinking to soothe and comfort him.
  • Travis grabbed her arm, spun her around so her back was to him, bent her over the desk and had his way with her, ejaculating on her back.
  • When he was done, Travis ordered her to go clean herself up. Jodi felt used but did as he said because she didn’t want the visit to end on a negative note.
  • Travis settled down and they decided before Jodi leaves, she should take photos of his svelte body. He had been working out hard for months in preparation to go to Cancún and was proud of the results.
  • Using his new camera, they decided he should be in the shower to use water as a visual effect.
  • During the photo shoot, Jodi accidentally fumbled with his new camera and dropped it on the bathroom mat where it then rolled onto the tile floor.
  • Travis became enraged, came flying out of the shower screaming at her and threw her to the floor.
  • She managed to escape and ran down the hallway toward the bedroom.
  • She turned into the walk-through closet and slammed the door to put a barrier between herself and Travis.
  • She remembered he had a gun on the top shelf in his closet (from having previously cleaned and dusted in that closet) and thought if she pointed it at him he would stop his attack.
  • As Travis entered the closet, she backed into the bathroom where he continued coming at her, lunging like a line-backer (head down, turned sideways, stooped over).
  • The gun went off accidentally but with his forward momentum he landed on her and they both went to the floor.
  • She again managed to wriggle away from him and the last thing she remembers (until she begins becoming aware again on the road to Hoover Dam) is him screaming “Fucking kill you, bitch!”

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