The Crime Scene

There are only two explanations for the chaos at the crime scene. Either Jodi was defending herself with a knife against an attack – or Jodi is a monster. Here’s the “monster” line of reasoning: “She killed him the way she did because she’s a monster and the reason we know she’s a monster is because of the way she killed him.”

Why not “The way she killed him is because that’s the kind of thing that can happen when someone holding a knife is defending themselves against an attack!

But to this the dissenters would say “There’s absolutely no proof that he attacked her.” But what these confirmationally-biased, circular thinkers don’t get is that there is even less proof that Jodi attacked him, other than the fact that she won (and that’s proof of nothing). Proof that she attacked him is exactly what’s required to convict. Oh, they think they do have proof: she stalked him, she stole a gun, she was jealous and a dozen other pieces of unproven junk evidence fed to them by HLN.

According to the State, Jodi began stabbing Travis while he was in the shower. Jodi says she dropped his camera and he became enraged and attacked her. (There are many who don’t believe Travis would possibly get angry over her dropping his brand new expensive camera, forgetting that this is a man who, as described by one of his own friends, reacted in an “over the top” way when Jodi didn’t appreciate being the target of his so-called joke.)

Bathroom Ceiling





This picture of the bathroom ceiling may have been accidentally taken as Jodi fumbled with the camera.

The State provides no theory about the blood pool near the toilet alcove entrance or the blood splatter on the left side of the door frame.








Reasonable explanation: This is near where Jodi says they ended up just after the gun went off and Travis tackled her to the ground. She doesn’t remember anything after she breaks from his grasp and he screams at her “Fucking kill you bitch!”

The State denies the gunshot at this point and contends that after stabbing Travis in the shower Jodi allows him to exit the shower (Travis apparently turning his back on his attacker rather than defending himself) at which point Travis goes to the sink where Jodi then commences stabbing him nine times in the back while he patiently stands there, turning the faucet on and off.

Hallway Blood Trail









Reasonable explanation: After getting shot, Travis goes to the sink to examine the gunshot wound.

This photo is solid evidence that a pause took place during the violence, between Travis’ first injury and his last. Who seriously thinks that Travis, in the middle of being attacked, stopped at the sink to turn the faucet on and off? Who seriously thinks anyone being attacked would do that? The only person who has the option to do that is the one who is controlling the attack. So where is Jodi at this point? According to the State she’s standing behind him stabbing him in the back. Or, another more reasonable explanation, she’s down the hallway in the bedroom (possibly thinking the violence is now over).

The State gives no theory about the blood up and down the hallway.

Hallway Blood Trail













Reasonable explanation: After checking the face wound at the sink Travis is even more enraged and goes after Jodi down the hallway. There may even have been another scuffle at the bedroom end of the hallway with Travis still bleeding from the gun shot wound. Jodi somehow manages to race back into the bathroom. Travis turns and comes back up the hallway where the knife fight ensues. Travis has her pinned in some way with his arms around her and she slashes with the knife to get him off (see back wounds). And all the other wounds, including the neck, well, defending one’s life while in a state of sheer terror can be a very messy business, especially if there’s a knife involved!

I’m not saying this is exactly how it happened, just saying it’s a reasonable explanation.

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