Knife Wounds

Warning: Graphic Images
HLN, as well as many other media outlets, constantly shouted at the top of their lungs: “27 stab wounds!!!” However, other than the three fatal wounds, the rest are relatively superficial. And most of the wounds are on the front of the body indicating he was facing her during the majority of the episode as she slashed at him. (Again, why wasn’t he using his fight skills on this woman two-thirds his size?)

Nine Back Wounds
This is where the State claims Travis is standing at the sink turning the faucet on and off while Jodi is slashing at his back. Travis apparently still had enough energy at this point to travel down the hallway and back but apparently doesn’t use any of that energy to enlist his fight skills to put a stop to it with one swift punch or kick.


Reasonable explanation: Travis is either on top of her or he has his arms wrapped around her and she is slashing sideways to try to get him off. The medical examiner’s report described the back wounds as “oblique” (not at right angle to the body) which is how the angle of the knife would have occurred, with him on top of her and her trying to get him off.
—-“Neck” Wound


This photo was taken five days after decomposition had been doing its work.

* Knife wounds during decomposition result in swelling, discoloration and softening of external tissues and internal organs so even this is not a true depiction of the original wound.* Media continuously shouted that she cut his throat “ear to ear” and “nearly cut his head off”. As one can see in this photo, that is an inaccurate description. This looks more like a slice under the chin (albeit hit the jugular). If she intended to cut his throat, especially at the end of the fight when Travis is supposedly totally incapacitated, one would expect the cut to be down on the neck, not immediately under the chin.


* Prosecutor Martinez presented this photo to the jurors, intentionally implying that this was what Jodi did to Travis. Decomposition and the medical examiner did this!
* Martinez intentionally left this gruesome photo on display for the jury to gaze upon even as there was a sidebar because of the defense’s objection to the photo.
* The objection was apparently sustained because Martinez removed the photo when he returned from the five minute sidebar, but the damage was already done. (One of many shameful tactics!)

—-“Defensive” Wounds
According to the medical report, Travis had four relatively minor cuts to his left hand and one to the right thumb for a total of five cuts to his hands sustained during what the State claims was a one to two minute knife attack.

Hands Diagram
* So, according to the State, Travis was allegedly attacked viciously with a knife over a one to two minute period and as he attempted to protect himself and disarm the attacker, he sustained a total of five relatively minor “defensive” wounds.
* Travis was righthand dominant and yet he only had a small cut on his right thumb. Nothing else on his right hand.
* If a person is being attacked by an assailant with a sharp object, typically the response would be to use both hands, bringing up the arms in front of their face and neck, in an attempt to protect themselves.
* If an attacker continues striking out at various areas of the body, the victim would have both hands and arms waving frantically everywhere in front of them, in an attempt to forestall and protect themselves from injury.
* If in fact Travis Alexander had been attacked the way the State is alleging, he would have sustained multiple wounds on both hands, bilaterally, that is, on the outside of his hands and the inside of his hands. He would have also sustained bilateral wounds on the inside and outside of his arms from the elbows down. There are no such defensive wounds.
* One possible explanation is that he had his hands and arms around her when she began slashing in those final moments.

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