D. Lifetime Movie – What They Got Wrong

  1. No evidence that Travis was a speaker at the Las Vegas conference. He was a speaker but not at that conference.
  2. No evidence that Jodi pursued Travis (much less into the men’s bathroom); to the contrary, the evidence shows that he pursued her. Travis saw her walking with friends and he pursued and introduced himself. Travis invited her to join him at some Prepaid Legal big-wig function. She accepted, borrowed a dress from one of Travis’ female friends and attended with him, enjoyed the evening and enjoyed his company.
  3. No evidence that Jodi lied to Travis about her relationship with Darryl with some sultry “You’re the only man in my life” (after they’d only known each other for about ten minutes no less.)
  4. No evidence that Travis told her that he was seeing another woman. That was not Travis’ style, even if he was seeing other women.
  5. No evidence that Jodi exhibited jealously at some imaginary Las Vegas bar.
  6. No evidence that Jodi waited and sexually leaped on Travis outside his hotel room.
  7. No evidence that Jodi seduced poor innocent Travis with sensual dancing as he quietly looked on.
  8. No evidence they had sex in Las Vegas.
  9. No evidence that Jodi gave Travis a blow job at some backyard barbecue.
  10. No evidence that Jodi went into a rage while talking on the phone to pious Travis (as he lead a bible study, no less).
  11. No evidence that Jodi barged into Travis’ bedroom uninvited and threw a fit.
  12. No evidence that Jodi always dressed seductively.
  13. No evidence that Jodi ever displayed one bit of rage or anger toward Travis.
  14. No evidence of insane jealousy.
  15. No evidence that Jodi converted to Mormonism simply to snag Travis.
  16. No evidence that Jodi moved to Mesa without Travis’ knowledge. She moved with his encouragement and financial assistance.
  17. No evidence that Jodi texted Travis’ friend “Laura” from Travis’ phone.
  18. No evidence that Jodi stalked Travis while he was on a date and secretly took photographs of the two of them.
  19. No evidence that Jodi slashed Travis’ tires. His tires were slashed by someone but it’s not known by whom.
  20. No evidence that Jodi sent photos to Travis of herself having sex with other men as a way to make him jealous.
  21. No evidence that Jodi hacked Travis’ email and sent a provocative photo of Travis to his employer.
  22. No evidence of Jodi holding a knife as she supposedly schemed to kill him.
  23. No evidence that Jodi broke into Travis’ house while he was on a date with another woman.
  24. No evidence that Jodi pasted pictures all over his mirror.
  25. No evidence of Jodi looking at a gun while talking to Travis on the phone.
  26. No evidence that Jodi cut up pictures of herself and Travis.
  27. No evidence of Jodi handling and pointing grandfather’s gun before she even left Yreka.
  28. No evidence that Jodi stole her grandfather’s gun.
  29. No evidence that Jodi arrived at Travis’ house unannounced on June 4th.
  30. No evidence of Jodi reading and texting to “Katy”, pretending to be Travis while Travis was in the shower.
  31. No evidence of Jodi stabbing Travis while he was in the shower. The evidence actually indicates he was shot first, just as Jodi testified.
  32. No photo of Jodi dragging Travis into the shower. There is a picture of her foot near his head but that was one instance in time during a very violent event and one cannot determine what was actually going on in the photograph.

It is amazing the duplicitous lengths these people had to go to make Jodi look like a sociopath, using her feminine wiles to seduce poor, vulnerable, religious, hardworking Travis. The truth/evidence doesn’t indicate any of that so they had to make it up and they sure did that – in royal spades. It is astonishing that they would even be allowed to state at the beginning of this piece of slander that it is “Based on a True Story”.

And the question now is how many people walked away from that movie thinking they’ve now seen the real Jodi, the real Travis and the real story of their relationship? Despicable.

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